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Books, CD’s, Energy tools and more! Sherinata has created a number of unique products to raise your frequency.

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The Blastoff! Technique!

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    Raise Your Frequency

    We are energy. Energy vibrates at frequency. Everyday we deal with challenges in our body, life and world. Sherinata’s programs teach you in easy and fun ways how to keep your vibration high while life’s challenges zap your energy throughout the day.

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    Heal Your Body

    Learn how children and adults around the world are using Blastoff! to Create Your Magic to instantly heal their body from everyday stressors, discomforts and diseases to make their lives healthier and happier.

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    Gain Peace & Clairty

    Sherinata’s programs teach children and adults how to instantly release stress and anxiety instantly, within less than a minute and turn it around to peace and clarity! Great for school, work and relationships!

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    Receive Love & Abundance

    To build a strong foundation in your life you must be open to receiving love and abundance on multiple levels. Learn the techniques to transform your life.

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Be brave, dear one.
Your world is filled with infinite possibilities. Learn how to create your magic, teach it to your children and change the world for generations.


~ Sherinata Pollock

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Remember, It’s Your Child’s Destiny…Not Yours.

In order for us to be parents we have to be strong. We don’t know what the ultimate destiny is for our children, it’s not our choice or our soul contracts – it’s theirs. They could have made a bad decision that will change their life forever or maybe they were just in the wrong […]


College, already? How to say goodbye to your child.

My son packed for college and it only took him half a day.  I may be a procrastinator but I don’t think I would have ever waited till the day before leaving to begin packing for one of the biggest transitions of my life.  I sat there with a double edged sword  – judging him, inside […]


Jan Kinder


Sherinata delivers timely, valuable and eye-opening information with dedicated passion and a caring heart. Make time to attend the 5 Secrets to an Awesome Life! You will be glad you did!


Shirah Penn


I got so much out of Sherinata’s 5 Secrets workshop! She has inspired me to share my gifts as well! We are so connected to get our messages out into the Universe! Thank you Sherinata!




Sherinata Pollock’s seminar is essential to lead a healthy and sane awesome life. I learned so many things about healthy living that were totally eye-opening. I might have to repeat because there was so much valuable information. Thank you Sherinata, for your wisdom and your smile.