Blastoff! Energy Healing

Weekly Meditation

Blastoff! to Create Your Magic™

Energy Balancing and Stress Management for ALL Ages
A simple technique that for adults and children that instantly releases pains, dis-eases and stress in your body, life and world in less than a minute!

Would you like to learn how to …

  • INSTANTLY release pain, stress dis-comfort, and dis-ease?
  • INSTANTLY manifest relief from emotional stressors in your life?
  • INSTANTLY shift energy in your body and your world?

Blastoff! to Create Your Magic™ will teach you how to Blast Out what does not serve you so YOU CAN instantly heal your body, life and world.

The Blastoff! Technique is so simple you can teach it to your children use LESS medication and have less stress in your family!

Who is this for?

  • This is for YOU.
  • This is for YOUR FAMILY.
  • This for YOUR CHILDREN.
  • This is for THEIR CHILDREN.
  • This is for GENERATIONS.
  • This is what will make OUR WORLD a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER place for all of HUMANITY.


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Using the Blastoff! technique in your life:

  • SAVES you TIME
  • SAVES your LIFE so you have more precious time to spend doing the things you love!

It saves you from unnecessary wasted time and money from:

  • Getting sick
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Doctors’ visits
  • Medicines
  • Toxic environments
  • Stress and much, much more!

Learn the ancient and sacred techniques that will SIMPLY allow you to weave energy balancing and stress management techniques to bring harmony back into your family for their physical and emotional needs.

When using Blastoff daily you will become more:


AND, you will have LESS:


Blastoff! to Create Your Magic is a lifestyle.

Sherinata has coined the Blastoff as a “spiritual” behavior modification.

Once you learn it, you have a sense of a greater connection, because you are constantly tapping into it throughout the day and revive, re-energize and release its always with you throughout your day to empower and heal your life and world.

Are you ready to remember?

We are all children of this great Universe and we are born with natural gifts to be intuitive, heal and trust in our Divine Connection.

As we grew up we were never taught to nurture our God given gifts and to work with the same energy we are created from to heal our bodies by balancing our energy both emotionally and physically.

My passion is to teach this to those who are ready.

ENERGY MASTERY is understanding that energy affects your body and life every single day.

Blastoff! to Create Your Magic™ is learning how to empower your world by weaving the experience into your life throughout the day.

Get ready to take your first step into a world that will instantly create you to become a more confident, healthier, loving being.

You will also learn how to…

  • Have a greater Spiritual Connection.
  • Become more intuitive.
  • Become more confident in yourself.
  • Gain more supportive and loving relationships.
  • Create more abundance and freedom in your finances.
  • Create INSTANT healings in your body, life and world.
  • Create a happier, healthier, YOU!

Isn’t it time you learned how to INSTANTLY heal your body and gained instant access to your personal health, happiness and emotional and physical freedom?

No more pills, meds, potions or lotions!

Learn it now!


Digital Version

Audio .mp3 Download

.mp3 and digital version

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