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This is located near the center of the chest near the heart. It is associated with love, compassion and happiness. The Heart Chakra’s color is green, also known for forgiveness and healing and the secondary color is pink, which represents loving yourself and others without conditions. Love is the highest vibration of all.

This bracelet is made of Watermelon Fire Agate beads. These beads have various shades of green and pink. Fire Agate is a stone of integrity and promotes passion in love and in life. The beads are accented with a Pink Crystal Heart to serve as a reminder to live a life filled with love and happiness.

This bracelet, along with our entire Chakra Collection, is handmade entirely of vegan materials and sized to order. Patterns may vary slightly depending on the size ordered. Size small is shown in product pictures.

When wearing any jewelry with natural metals and gemstones always remember to not clean them with silver polish or chemical jewelry cleaners. Also, use caution to not spray perfume or cologne directly on to your jewelry. Please see our website for additional directions on how to care for your gemstone jewelry.

To learn more about the chakras visit www.Sherinata.com/chakramagic

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