10 Tips and Tricks to Manifesting Anything You Desire

10 Tips and Tricks to Manifesting Anything You Desire

Start manifesting now and begin to live the life of your dreams. Go ahead…I dare you!

1. New Moon Manifesting: Write down what you want to create and what you are grateful for on every New Moon. Evaluate your current life and see and feel what you want to create and manifest for positive change. Release this into the Universe by ripping it up into pieces or burning it.

2. Full Moon Release: Take a look at your life and write down the things you wish to release to the Universe. Evaluate your current situation and tell the Universe you are ready to release the things (or people) out of your life because the do not serve your highest interest. Tell the Universe you are ready to replace them with newer and better opportunities for you so you can make a greater and more positive impact in the world around you.

3. Visualizing with Your Senses: Pick one thing and focus on it. Close your eyes and imagine what it looks and feels like. Imagine what it feels like to wake up and have it in your life. Smile upon it knowing that it is yours for the asking. You can have given yourself permission to receive it, you earned it, it is there waiting for you to accept it in your life when your vibration has perfectly aligned you to it. And, most importantly of all, you receiving this without conditions and be filled with gratitude EVERY time you visualize this sensation.

4. Question your Affirmations: Affirmations can work but often times our subconscious just doesn’t believe it. A way of tricking your subconscious into believing or deserving your affirmations to be REAL enough, aligned to your energy field or even worthy enough to your EGO is by turning your affirmation into a question. For ex: Affirmation: I am Rich. Turn it into a question by saying: Why am I so Rich? How did I get to be so rich? Instead of saying: Life is good. Say instead: How can it get better than this?

5. Dream Big or as Big as You Can! Let your imagination run wild and free. Imagine the life you have always wanted and know that it is possible to live it. It may not happen right away but if you imagine it and build it you can live it. Every day holds the possibility of a miracle and once your begin to believe in it so much I promise the magic will begin to unfold.

6. Relationships:  EVERYTHING in life is a relationship. Take a moment and look at your relationships with money, love, friendships, food and your career. How do you show up for them and how do they show up for you? Do they make you happy? Are you miserable or ready for a change? Maybe you feel a sense of emptiness, fulfillment or uneasiness when you evaluate your relationships. In order to be a massive manifestor you MUST have positive energy flowing in all areas of your life.

7. Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is energy so be enthusiastic. Watch your body language. Do you walk around slumped or are you walking upright? Do you smile or are you sulking? Do you make eye contact? Do you offer your help to others or go the extra mile to make a difference? Watch your energy and how you exchange it to others. Remember the law of attraction and expect to receive what you give out to others.

8. Ageless Action: Do not make age your reason for quitting or giving up. If you have a dream, go for it. There are artists, businessmen and even athletes who started their journey to success at the ripe ages of 60 and 70+. It also works in reverse. You CAN be the youngest to start a business, break world records, play an instrument and make recording, sing with passion, speak up…the world is at your fingertips. Know you are never too young or too old to create an action plan and achieve what you believe.

9. Mindset: The mind is a powerful machine. It can sabotage you or help you soar in your life and career. It can play tricks on you, be your genius, be nice to you, mean to you and even go as far as making you cry or laugh, stressed out or give you a life of happiness, health and success. Your decisions are solely based on your mindset…are you making your decisions in your life based on fear or by love? What is stopping you from living your dreams?

10. Support Group: You are exactly like the 8 other people you hang around the most. Think of how they are and that is what you will be like. Find yourself a support group that believes in you. Loves you. One you can trust, cry and laugh with and share with. Hint: Often times your family is NOT your support group.

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About Sherinata:
Sherinata is a dynamic speaker, author, intuitive life coach and healer.  She is best known for helping busy moms and their families release stress through her simple, fast and easy to learn energy balancing and transformational programs. Sherinata’s passion is to revolutionize the way we raise our children so we can live healthier, happier and more prosperous lives for generations to come.  Visit www.Sherinata.com to find out more about her books, meditations, workshops and classes.

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