5 Ways to Use Shungite to Feel Less Stressed

5 Ways to Use Shungite to Feel Less Stressed

The Power of SHUNGITE is MORE than just EMF PROTECTION

The fullerene, the carbon molecule that gives shungite it’s magical powers, is best known for neutralizing radiation and  ‘negative’ electrical fields. In doing so, it is creating a harmonic field that actually creates wellness and clarity because it is re-creating harmony where there is disharmony. People who wear shungite find themselves to be more peaceful and they notice they become less stressed and anxious. It could be because it’s neutralizing the radiation allowing them to feel less stressed OR it is because it’s actually activating energy centers in the body known as chakras.

For centuries have been drawn to using shungite in their lives by wearing it and putting it in their water.  It is imperative, in today’s world, that every child and adult to wear shungite because of the natural spin it puts in our cells and how it creates a positive vibrational energy for everything around it.

Everyone can agree that this has been an extraordinary year that has put us in an emotional roller coaster from politics to devastating storms and hurricanes and has literally spun our world our of control. It’s time to take YOUR energy back and put a positive spin back in your life and your home.

Here are 5 tips to try out shungite for you or a loved one.

  1. I suggest wearing a pendant or bracelet to be protected at all times and to feel the grounding effects it has on your body.
  2. Get the Pyarmid to protect your room, office or classroom and notice how it will positively affect your classroom – sometimes just within a few days!
  3. Bag of nuggets. You can add 3 of them to a small bag and put them in your pocket or side of your bra.
  4. Shungite pairs perfectly with SLP Magic Misters Aromatherapy 
    for calming and feeling as if the angels are wrapping their wings around you to feel safe and secure.
  5. And, finally, it is best to sleep with shungite near your bedside to allow for a calm and clear sleeping environment.


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