6 Secrets in Creating Your Dreams to be a Reality

6 Secrets in Creating Your Dreams to be a Reality

I believe in YOU. But, the real question is… do you believe in yourself? Do you really believe you can live those dreams that lie deep in your heart? Are they tucked away so far that you can barely feel them or see them anymore? Have they faded into the background where you have fallen into a reality that you NEVER thought you would be living? Sadly, dreams can be so overwhelming that we often times put them to the side for another day or lifetime and chalk them up to… wishful thinking.

On a more positive note, maybe you are the one who can see your dreams SO clearly and So vividly you can almost touch it but yet, you’re just not quite sure how to get there.  Either way, I am speaking to those of you who are READY to create change and start living YOUR dreams. I am here to give you PERMISSION to TO LIVE BIGGER, DREAM BIGGER and KNOW that it is POSSIBLE.

I’m one of the BIGGEST dreamers on this planet and I know in my heart, just as the late, John Lennon says, I’m NOT the only one. I LOVE making my dreams a reality and it frustrates me when I see so many people who aren’t living to their fullest potential.

I am a creator of my wildest dreams and if I can do it, I know you can, too. My mind is my reality, not the world around me. And, in my mind, there is INFINITE ABUNDANCE in EVERYTHING and everything is a choice.  I love my life, my friends, my kids, my business…even my husband! (I say that proudly, because I know it’s a rarity to be happily married at 50!) It wasn’t always like this, but I have been learning and changing my mindset and energy so I can live my dreams, therefore becoming happier and living my life with passion and purpose.
We are ALL wired the same and once you are able to see clearly YOUR PASSION and PURPOSE you can live your dreams, too!
Here are my secrets to creating my dreams to become a reality:

  • I realized I can’t change anyone, EXCEPT myself.
  • It takes loving support from people who “get you”.
  • It takes lots of laughter (because it’s the best medicine).
  • It takes commitment and time (because, believe it or not – it’s always on our side).
  • It takes a positive attitude.
  • It takes being an action taker and stepping up and CLAIMING YOUR LIFE!

Yes, these are the tips of a lifetime to make your dreams a reality. If are missing one or some of these then you are going to keep struggling to make your dreams a reality.

In order for change to happen you must create change.

I invite you to do something different for yourself that you have never done before. Come spend the day with me so I can help you do what it takes to get your dreams out of your heart and onto your GPS. Let me help you navigate change in your life so you can create your dreams to become a reality.  It’s time to stop dreaming and start DOING!
Learn to become an action taker for YOU! Start hanging around fun-loving people who support you and won’t be jealous of you playing full out and living YOUR dreams.  Get your time back, make money and fall in love with life all over again.
Don’t hesitate or overthink it – Join the Dreamweaver movement NOW, where you can Catch your Dreams, Build them and Live them, too!!

Come weave your dreams with us and hop on the Dreamweaver brigade with us. Don’t be left behind!  The event is offered only twice a year, don’t miss out!

Join the Dreamweaver’s Movement. Our next class is on Saturday, February 10, 2018
Get your tickets now as space is limited.
For more information go to: sherinata.com/dreamweaver

About Sherinata:
Sherinata is a dynamic speaker, author, intuitive life coach and healer.  She is best known for helping busy women and their families go from stress to success through her simple, fast and easy to learn energy balancing and transformational programs. Sherinata’s passion is to revolutionize the way we raise our children so we can live healthier, happier and more prosperous lives for generations to come.  Visit www.Sherinata.com to find out more about her books, meditations, workshops and classes.

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