About Us

Sherinata Pollock knows that when you learn how to tap into your pure M.A.G.I.C. you can instantly heal your body, life and world.
She is known as the “Master Illuminator,” passionately teaching adults and children techniques they can use in their everyday lives to illuminate their world and put their MAGIC to work to help illuminate the paths of those around them.

Sherinata was formerly educated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Fashion. However, since her teenage years she knew she had the natural ability to tap into the other side and carry on conversations with the Angelic realm, providing her with a very unconventional resume.

Now, with over 10 years experience working in the children’s entertainment industry and over 25 years of intuition and insight, she has found a unique way to blend energy work and self-empowerment into everyday techniques so we can instantly heal and shift our bodies to greater health, while building greater intuition and self-confidence. She believes that as adults, if we create a consciousness shift in our awareness with these powerful techniques, we can use them to raise our children to have the knowledge and skills they need to grow up to become healthier, happier, trusting and well-balanced adults. In doing so, we will make our world a better place to live.

She believes it’s time we learn how to bring peace to ourselves and the world by revolutionizing the way we raise our children so they can, in turn, learn how to live a life with less medicine, anxiety, frustration and stress; and to teach them how to transform limiting beliefs into a life full of magic and miracles. The beauty in Sherinata’s techniques is that they can be used by all ages, male or female, or as she likes to say, For Kids of All Ages.

Sherinata is an author of two self-published books available on Amazon:

  • 2012: Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation – Mother Earth’s Plan for Humanity
  • Blastoff to Create Your Magic – Energy Mastery and Self Empowerment for Kids of All Ages

She has organized global meditations since 2010. She was invited in 2011 and 2012 to be on the 2012 Panel at the New Life Expo and has held guided meditations, lectures and workshops in the local South Florida area to both children and adults, teaching them programs and techniques to create greater awareness, intuition and healing in their lives.

Sherinata’s thoughts

With great respect, I know and embrace my gifts. I have learned how to listen to my intuition and trust it and in doing so it has brought me to a greater path so I can help shine my light on others and teach them to embrace the magic that lies inside of them. Although my passion lies in the children, I feel as parents, in order for us to teach them, we must lead by example. I am honored to have the opportunity to teach adults to unveil the magic of the Universe that lies inside of them, so they can create instant healings in their bodies and build greater self-confidence and trust in their lives. These are the gifts we can teach and use in our everyday lives and teach to our children for generations to come.

I am grateful for us to journey together so I can teach you how to Create YOUR Magic on a daily basis. With this knowledge, I promise you and your loved ones will experience greater health, wellness, happiness, self-confidence and success. And above all, you will understand how to make this world a better place.