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What is Create Your Magic?

Sherinata is inspired to create a movement and new, innovative lifestyle for generations to come through the Create Your Magic programs. This movement will create positive change in the lives of adults and children around the world. It will create a community of people who are joined together in leading a revolution to live in a world with greater peace, joy, health and abundance by learning how to activate their own energy to create a healthier, happier life. It has been said that in order to change the world, we must start with ourselves.

Her passion is to bring happiness for herself and family but also to bring happiness and enlightenment to you and your family. Sherinata is an activist – actively creating positive change in the lives of children and adults through her Create Your Magic techniques, workshops and programs. Everything she teaches in her world and community of Create Your Magic is unique and consists of original material that strengthens your foundation to greater confidence, love, trust and intuition. Once you gain knowledge and awaken these areas in your life, you open your door to a bounty of creating instant magic and miracles in your body, world and life. Her passion is to illuminate your path so you can shine your light like a beacon to illuminate the paths of others.

She is also here to create the Magic Makers. A group of people who are actively learning how to utilize the gifts given to them by Creator, to become trusting, intuitive beings so they can learn how to CREATE their world, not just live in it. It’s also time we teach our children to create instant healings, manifesting and unlimited creativity to lighten up their lives and that of others so they can take an active role in making our world a better place. Her ultimate goal is to REVOLUTIONIZE our world by the way we think and raise our children to think.
The Create Your Magic programs consists of (but not limited to):

Blastoff! to Create Your Magic™ workshops
Continuing Education
Group Healing/Meditation
Guest Speakers
Blastoff! Private Healing Sessions
Blastoff! Coaching
Intuitive Readings
Online Magic Makers
Energy Tools
Magic Morsel’s ™