Each bracelet in the Chakra Magic Series is intuitively hand crafted with care in a loving and high vibrational environment. They are created and designed to have purpose to resonate, restore and promote balance with specific energy centers in the body. They are uniquely designed to be reversible, meaning that know matter how your bracelet turns on your wrist you will see either the “intention charm” or the rainbow of chakra stones.

This collection of chakra bracelets are handmade entirely of vegan materials and natural, high quality stones. All charms are nickel and lead free. Each bracelet includes 4 shungite beads imported from Russia that block the electronic frequencies and help protect from everyday brain fog, fatigue and other chronic symptoms caused by electronic devices and WiFi. They are made on a high quality stretch elastic for a comfortable fit and easy wear. It is important to wear your bracelets when working on the computer or electronics and in a WiFi environment.

Root – Grounding & Abundance

The root chakra is the foundation of all the chakras. It is vital for this chakra to be strong and in balance. It is also called the base chakra and is located at the base of the spine and affects the legs and feet. It represents our foundation and provides a feeling of being grounded, feeling safe and secure in your life. When balanced and spinning properly, it promotes abundance, clarity and self-confidence in your life. When this chakra is blocked you will experience being stuck in your life and you can’t move forward. You may also experience money issues and lack of success and being in “limbo” and insecure in your life and being.

In this bracelet, we focus on the Red Jasper. Red Jasper has a strong spiritual grounding vibration and energetic connection to the earth. The beads are accented white and red crystal rondelles that raise the vibration of the beads on the bracelet. A beautiful 2 sided Tibetan silver charm dangles with the Tree of Life on one side and words expressing Life is a Gift on the other. This tree symbol is well known for centuries in origins and faiths across the globe to represent life, strength, growth, abundance and being rooted and grounded. Yes, Life is truly a gift with this exquisite Root Chakra bracelet from the Chakra Magic Series.

Sacral – Relationships & Self Love

The sacral chakra, also called the Navel Chakra, is located just below your navel. It is another core chakra that creates a strong foundation. It represents your emotions, inner child, creativity and intimacy. It is our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences as well as being creative and playful. A well-balanced sacral chakra is crucial for loving yourself and respecting your body as well as building strong, loving and respectful relationships. Addictions, broken relationships, shame, abuse lie deeply in this chakra.

This bracelet is made of Red Aventurine beads which draws upon the elements of Earth and Fire to increase the flow of Prana, your life force and chi flow. It inspires creativity and sexuality and renews excitement and confidence in bringing one’s projects, goals and desires into reality. It is said that it can heal the reproductive system and reverse diseases and because of its strong healing properties it actually is very grounding and helps release negativity.

The beautiful Tibetan silver intention charm says Love and Be Loved and acts as behavior modification through sight and emotional feelings to remind the wearer how important it is to respect and allow intimacy and the flow of creativity and for the inner child to feel and express love.

Solar Plexus – Trust & Confidence

The solar plexus, also called the Power Chakra, is located in the upper stomach area. It represents our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. When the solar plexus is activated properly, your “pilot light” is on guiding you to trust your intuition, truths and have conviction. Shame usually resides in this chakra as well as lack of self-confidence and trusting yourself and others.

This bracelet is purposely designed with the fierce and strong energy of the Tiger Eye. Tiger Eye is a stone of protection. It enhances will power, self-confidence and provides clarity. It provides a boost to this chakra and to one’s personal power.

This powerful bracelet is accented with this unique Fist charm that holds a sparkling crystal to remind you of your inner power. The behavior modification triggers you to believe in your strength and innate wisdom to trust your “gut.” The Tibetan charm reads Strong, Hope, Brave, Dream so the wearer is reminded to believe in your Dreams, always be Strong, always Hope, be Brave. There couldn’t be a more perfect charm to activate the solar plexus!!!

Heart – Love & Forgiveness

The heart chakra is not considered one of the base, foundational chakras instead it is the power center that connects you to Divine Healing and Love which is the most powerful energy of all. It is located near the center of the chest, below the throat and above the breasts. It is associated with love, compassion, joy and the hardest of all – forgiveness, which heals the emotions of jealousy, anger. The heart chakra color is both green, representing forgiveness and healing and the secondary color is pink, representing love and compassion.

This stones chosen for this brightly colored bracelet is the magnificent, Malachite because it is THE stone for transformation and healing and is extremely gentle on the heart as well as prosperity, success and protection (similar to the Tiger Eye). This is why it is the perfect stone, for the heart bracelet giving you the courage to follow your heart, to give and receive love, the strongest of all vibrations and to know that you are protected with the abundance that flows into your life.

And, with all that being said, this bracelet is adorned with an adorable Tibetan silver puffed heart that dangles with the statement on both sides – Follow Your Heart.

Throat – Communication & Listening

The throat chakra is located in the middle of the collar bone at the base of the throat. A well-balanced chakra allows you to speak your truth and stand up for yourself and your authenticity. When your throat chakra is NOT in balance you will not be a good listener and you will most likely want to be heard and will compensate by talking too much or not at all. The color for this chakra is bright blue similar to the sky and ocean. And, just as the tides ebb and flow with the rise and fall of the moon, so shall your thoughts flow gracefully into your voice to be heard.

This bracelet is made of the beautiful blue Turquoise stone and sacred to Native Americans, Egyptians, and Oriental traditions. It is associated with the sky and bringing the sky energy to earth for honest and clear communication of the heart. It is a master healing stone and works directly with the throat chakra. Therefore this stone helps to give you clarity to speak your mind, but also to speak gently with your heart.

The Tibetan silver charm that dangles from this bracelet says, My Voice is My Hero, reminding the wearer of the power of the voice and their words are vibration and expression that can be heroic in all forms when used wisely.

Third Eye – Clarity & Intuition

Third eye chakra, also called the brow chakra, is located on the forehead just above the eyebrows. It governs the area of the pineal gland which is believed to be our “second sight.” It represents our ability to focus and see the bigger picture in life gaining clarity of visions to release blockages from the past, be in the present and co-create a healthy, abundant and joyful future. When your Third Eye is blocked you feel you might not have a path or reason for living. You feel like you want to connect but can’t or you know that you have psychic abilities but you have not trained them or used them, therefore giving you the frustration that there is so much more to life but you have no idea how to get it. Fulfillment and trusting your dreams is your key to unlocking your frustrations.

This bracelet is made of Sodalite Beads. Sodalite represents logic, rationality and efficiency and stimulates your Third Eye by developing your psychic gifts and intuition. It encourages honesty with one’s self and helps transform ideas into action and helps to understand and communicate your ideas to others.

This gorgeous deep blue bracelet is accented with a Tibetan silver charm that says, Live Your Dreams. I believe that our dreams are our reality. It is vitally important to dream big, Believe in your dreams and don’t ever allow anyone to stop you if they are for your highest purpose. Your dreams are your higher self-telling you that it’s ok to be authentically your amazing, awesome self and become the best you can be in every possible way.

Crown – Spiritual Wisdom & Connection

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and connects you to Creator and the Angelic Realms. When your crown chakra is open you are allowing the Universal knowledge and your innate wisdom to flow through you as a receiver. It represents spirituality, intelligence and deep thought. It activates your third eye to see your dreams and is a wellspring for healing, connection to the higher consciousness and feeling connected and fulfilled in your life.

A well-balanced crown chakra connects you to the Divine realm, to the Creator and your Guides and Angels. When your crown chakra is blocked you feel disconnected like your glass is always empty. You are soul searching for comfort and a purpose and want to be feel loved, but just don’t know how to receive it.

This bracelet is made of Amethyst and is known to the Ancients as the “Gem of Fire.” At times it had more worth than that of the diamond and in some cultures was only worn by the Chiefs and High Priest/Priestesses. The purple amethyst is the color of ascension, true connection to the Divine ream and spirituality. It calms the mind, protects the third eye and light body by providing an angelic shield around it while enhancing the meditative state. It stimulates the Crown chakra by increasing perception, wisdom and understanding.

A beautiful Tibetan silver charm with a heart and angel wings dangles from this angelic bracelet to remind the wearer they are connected and protected at all times to Creator, their Angels and their Guides.