Chakra Heart Combo Gift Set

Chakra Heart Combo Gift Set


Use the code Magic15 to get 15% off this BEAUTIFUL, hand made in the USA malachite all-in-on heart chakra bracelet with EMF protection and Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Energy Spray. Both exclusive products of Sherinata, LLC.

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Malachite is a great warrior stone that has a….(More) Break to webpage VERY powerful healing energy to it. It helps to heal a broken heart as well as give it protection. The multi colored stones will also help to balance all of your chakras with their gentle, healing energy. The puffed heart is made of Tibetan silver and reminds the wearer to, “Follow Your Heart”.

The Heart Chakra Magic Mister Aromatherapy is loaded with an aromatic blend of rose absolute, marjoram and orange in a base of rose and peppermint water. A perfect way to stay heart centered and focused on love, forgiveness and following your heart!

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