Crown Chakra Bracelet


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The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and connects you to Creator and the Angelic Realms. When your crown chakra is open you are allowing the Universal knowledge and your innate wisdom to flow through you as a receiver. It represents spirituality, intelligence and deep thought. It activates your third eye to see your dreams and is a wellspring for healing, connection to the higher consciousness and feeling connected and fulfilled in your life.

A well balanced crown chakra connects you to the Divine realm, to the Creator and your Guides and Angels. When your crown chakra is blocked your feel disconnected like your glass is always empty. You are soul searching for comfort and a purpose and want to be feel loved, but just don’t know how to receive it.

This bracelet is made of Amethyst and is known to the Ancients has the “Gem of Fire”. At times it had more worth than that of the diamond and in some cultures only worn by the Chiefs and High Priest/Priestesses. The purple amethyst is the color of ascension, true connection to the Divine ream and spirituality. It calms the mind, protects the third eye and light body by providing an angelic shield around it while enhancing the meditative state. It stimulates the Crown chakra by increasing perception, wisdom and understanding.

A beautiful Tibetan silver charm with a heart and angel wings dangles from this angelic bracelet to remind the wearer they are connected and protected at all times to Creator, their Angels and their Guides.

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