Heart Chakra Bracelet


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The heart chakra is not considered one of the base, foundational chakras instead it is the power center that connects you to Divine Healing and Love which is the most powerful energy of all. It is located near the center of the chest, below the throat and above the breasts. It is associated with love, compassion, joy and the hardest of all – forgiveness, which heals the emotions of jealousy, anger. The heart chakra color is both green, representing forgiveness and healing and the secondary color is pink, representing love and compassion.
This stones chosen for this brightly colored bracelet is the magnificent, Malachite because it is THE stone for transformation and healing and is extremely gentle on the heart as well as prosperity, success and protection
(similar to the Tigers Eye).

This is why it is the perfect stone for the heart bracelet giving you the courage to follow your heart, to give and receive love, the strongest of all vibrations and to know that you are protected with the abundance that flows into your life. And, with all that being said, this bracelet is adorned with an adorable Tibetan silver puffed heart that dangles with the statement on both sides – Follow Your Heart

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