Plain Shungite Bracelet


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This plain, black shungite beaded bracelet is unisex and a perfect and simple addition to your everyday accessories. The beads carry an amplified field unlike other shungite bracelets because they are saturated in colloidal silver. Great for adults and teens. Bracelet is a medium, one size fits all. If adjustments are needed there is a $5.00 surcharge.

***Remember these are not just bracelets but energy tools and should be worn EVERYDAY for EMF protection from WiFi and other electronic fields!

Always stay protected from radiation and WiFi.  Keep you and your loved ones safe!

(All shungite is certified and imported from Karelia, Russia)

100% pure shungite beads with black spacer beads. One size only – 8in adult

Beads may vary in size. There maybe a black residue that comes off from the shungite as it is a pure stone. Once it is worn a few times the natural oil of the skin will seal it. This black residue has the fullerene so it is actually good to have it on your skin! Do not wear in the shower or water and do not spray with perfumes.

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