Transformation Meditation

Jan Kinder Jan Kinder

Sherinata delivers timely, valuable and eye-opening information with dedicated passion and a caring heart. Make time to attend the 5 Secrets to an Awesome Life! You will be glad you did!


Shirah Penn
shirah I got so much out of Sherinata’s 5 Secrets workshop! She has inspired me to share my gifts as well! We are so connected to get our messages out into the Universe! Thank you, sherinata!


Lisa A. Tishman
lisa tishman Sherinata Pollock’s seminar is essentail to lead a healthy and sane awesome life. I learned so many things about healthy living that were totally eye-opening. I might have to repeat because there was so much valuable information. Thank you Sherinata, for your wisdom and your smile.


Cat Wagman, author
female I really enjoyed the 5 secrets seminar but I especially loved the instant healing at the end of the seminar. I felt a huge release of the pain I was feeling in my body and I also felt re-energized when she was done.


Paty Wallace, yoga instructor
paty wallace This was a great seminar. Filled with empowering ideas to create a better life. I really enjoy learning from Sherinata.


Nada Cory
female Sherinata, your meditation was very profound and transformational. You touched on all aspects of need from personal to global and universal. Thank you for that for it is so much needed. The world is a better place for you in it!


Patricia Schmehl
patricia schmel I thought your meditation was very well organized & very peaceful. The bells were fantastic & a very peaceful way to end. Thank you Sherinata.


Ana Rico
female I want to share with you a little something…last nite as I observed myself outside, beyond what was happening…”like a spectator” I felt something tugging at my heart..it was so real and meeting such wonderful people, I learned somethings….however the biggest thing for me was while I was saying goodbye to you….my angel wapped me on the head and just what you said to me, brought back everything of my passion and here I am in full circle again…this time I will not let my fears get the best of me…I see the world is waiting for me to catch-up, get out of my own way…that sometimes I need help and a wapp on the head lol ?
So yes..it was a pleasure meeting you!