Coaching/Readings Video Testimonials

LaRonda Robinson

Feeling so peaceful! Been wanting this for a long time now and so happy to finally get off the hamster wheel and move forward. Thanks Sherinata Pollock!
— Myleen Obando, Graphic Designer/Consultant

Many blessings and kudos go to the sensational Sherinata Pollock. I just returned home from a transformational coaching session with her. I worked through ‘stuff’ that actually explained my beliefs and struggles of this lifetime. I highly recommend contacting her at to schedule an appointment with her.
– Carol Morgan

My healing session with Sherinata today, was out of this world. Talk about getting into my core, digging around and filling it up. Then bringing in specific answers from above and more ways to help my children shift. We have been doing her Blastoff! technique every night and I see and hear a difference in the kids and myself. Powerful stuff!
– Michelle Reynolds, Reading Specialist

This woman is wonderful. Directly sent by angels! She has a heart of gold and it fills her whole chest. On more than one occasion she has been there for me and my family. I can call her and know that she will be there to lift me up and guide me. She brings strength and love to everyone she meets. Hearing her voice and listening to her is beyond relaxing and you know that everything will be okay. I can not recommend her enough for guidance and empowerment, but even just for a simple talk, her words mean so much to me. Thank you Sherinata Pollock for all you do and for the love you send out.
– Jennifer Negreira, Mom of 3