Energy Healing/Blastoff! Video Testimonials

Thank you so much for helping me, Sherinata Pollock I am still amazed! I am dealing with migraines since I am a young child. Some months are better than others. Normally I have to take strong migraine pills to get rid of them. I knew about your BLASTOFF and energy healing technique but just didn’t think that there could be an immediate relief.

As I had another of my bad migraines at an event I attended and already was willing to spend an evening in misery and you offered to help me. I didn’t expect an instant relief but was willing to try it because it really hurt bad and gave me a lot of pressure. I was looking forward to the evenings activities that were planned and was sad to feel such strong pain.

While I was sitting, you asked me about the level of my pain it was so awful I barely could concentrate on your words. I closed my eyes to take the pressure a little of my eyes and felt your hands on my head, or at least I thought I would feel it. Within 2 minutes which went by like nothing, I could feel hot energy leaving my head, exactly where I thought you touched me and then, the pain was gone.

Needless to say I am still amazed. I asked Cat Wagman who was with us if you touched my head and she said no. It was just your focused energy that made me believing this.

There isn’t anything else in this world I ever experienced that has such a fast, easy and long holding (the migraine didn’t come back like so often) effect. And the best is, your purpose is to share and teach with others how I can learn it and do it on my own. So excited to be part of your workshops, learn it and try it on other pains or just have more energy and stay in a positive spirit, needed as an entrepreneur and young business owner to build a successful business while still having energy to enjoy personal time.

You have something amazing to share! And I am so grateful you will do this with me and many other of your students!
– Dagmar Gatell, SEO Specialist

I’m a personal trainer and when I’m sick I still have to show up because my clients rely on me and my business to stay healthy. On Sunday I felt I was coming down similar to a stomach flu and I went into the gym on Monday morning. Sherinata happened to come in and I told her not to stand too close for fear of her catching whatever I had…I felt horrible!

She said not to worry and asked if I would like to experience the Blastoff! technique. I was quite unsure of what was going to happen but all I know is that she NEVER touched me and within a minute I was feeling warm and tingly and she was done. I opened my eyes and my nausea was ALMOST gone and so was my fever – it was like magic!
In fact, I felt so much better I began training that day and was even full of energy. Thank you, Sherinata! – Lisa Carter
– Fitness Instructor

Before I saw Sherinata, I was on a pain killer from rotator cuff surgery which I didn’t have the correct rehab for and I also had aches in & pains in my neck and upper back. I also had been suffering from tennis elbow causing tingling in my arm and wrist. I watched Sherinata apply Blastoff! and in 15 minutes my pain was 1/2 of what was there. 3 days later and less than 5 minutes a day in energy work I feel better than I have felt in the last year. My pain and tingling are completely gone AND the best part is I am ready to start rehab again! I am looking forward to learning the techniques so I can use it on myself, my boyfriend and I can’t wait to tell my friends about it. Thank you, Sherinata!
– Chris Volk

I want to thank you so much, healer Sherinata. I can not express enough how your headings powers worked their magic on me today when I had a little breakdown at Loral’s. You were so caring to take your time and work with me. Right before my eyes, the truth shifted and you brought me out of sheer fear. Thank you so much for your magical touch and words. You are a true friend and an incredible healer. I am so grateful you are in my life. And tomorrow is another day…
– Lisa Tishman, Artist

One day I was having awful pain in my tooth and I made an appointment with my dentist but could not get in until the next day. I knew Sherinata would be able to help me. When I saw her in the fitness studio where we worked out I immediately asked her if she could help me to relieve some pain. We scheduled an appointment after the workout and in 5 minutes my pain was gone! She never touched me – all I felt was warm and tingly. In fact, I ended up canceling my appointment and never went back!
– Diane Henry


Keri, 9
I love the Blastoff and I use it all the time for making my stomach aches go away. The best time was when it helped me to go on Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain in Disney World. I was way too scared to go on but then I went into Blastoff and in a couple minutes I wasn’t scared anymore. I went on the rollercoaster and couldn’t wait to go back on again. I LOVE Blastoff!

Ashylnn, 7
Ms. Sherinata’s workshop was awesome. I loved her magic show. But the best part of all is that I use Blastoff when I’m in school and I lose my temper. My teacher tells me to use Blastoff whenever I need it and before I know it I feel calm and peaceful. The Blastoff makes me feel better.

Kyle, 13
I use Blastoff everyday to help me with my classes. I love using it before I study for a test; it helps me to focus better.

Nicole, 8
When I did Blastoff on myself I couldn’t believe how my foot felt better immediately. It was just like magic!

>Molly, 9
I was really nervous to take some tests at school and my mom reminded me to do Blastoff! I couldn’t believe how calm I felt when it was time to take the test. I will definitely use it again!

I have had very painful menstrual periods lately that leave me feel tired, in pain and emotional and irritable. I tried Blastoff! for the first time and I seriously couldn’t believe how I felt, instantly! I did it one more time later in the day as I was beginning to feel worn out and by the next day I even forgot I had it until I went to the bathroom! Blastoff! has changed my life.

I can’t believe how easy it is and how fast it works. I am so grateful that Sherinata has shared this technique with the world in such a simple way for even kids to learn. This technique will certainly help to change the world to be less stressed and use less medicine.
– Lisa Thrash

I started using Blastoff a couple of years ago and it has transformed mine and my family’s life. I am a completely different person now. . I have learned to manage my chronic headaches, my balance issues and everyday aches and pains using the Blastoff! technique. But, what I am MOST thankful for is the confidence I have gained in myself using Blastoff! It has empowered me to do things I would have never, ever done before and now I manage my life in a more positive, happier and productive way. I could have never gotten through this past years with the challenges life brought to me this past year without Blastoff. I am so grateful for using Blastoff! in my life.
– Nina Scigliano

My wife uses Blastoff! all the time and every now and then I use it myself and feel a little shift. But, when I was in the waiting room for my dream job is when Blastoff! changed my life. I was very nervous in the waiting room and used this quick and simple technique to calm me down and help me to stay focused. The technique helped me feel so much better and the company hired me for my dream job! Blastoff! has changed our lives!!
– Jamie Scigliano

I have been a Reiki Healer for 6 years and have been meditating for many more. I have never found something so simple yet so powerful. The first time I did the Blastoff I found myself in a deeper meditation than I have ever experienced. I use it before I meditate and give a Reiki session. I believe the Blastoff will help to change humanity.
– Millie Arsuaga, Healer

I think Sherinata’s workshop will be life changing to the children and to adults who do not understand energy. However, I must say when she led me through Blastoff words can not express the feeling I had with my meditation. Although, it only takes a few minutes to do I found myself wanting to stay in that magical space for much longer. I really love the simplicity of Blastoff.
– Nada Cory

Blastoff helps me to stay alert and awake (important since I’m an air traffic controller)! It helps me to maintain a positive attitude and more peaceful even when I’m driving. Now that’s a miracle for me!

– Mark Pollock