Why it’s important to say Happy Holidays

Why it’s important to say Happy Holidays

Someone recently asked me why I say Happy Holidays? He said –  Be proud of what religion you are and proclaim it. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas – Every one says Happy Holidays to suffice the masses. So, be the odd ball and say what you believe in.

Years ago I would have agreed because I used to feel a massive resistance when I would say Happy Holidays.  In my mind I had to say because I felt I had to please everyone. In my heart I felt insistent on saying Merry Christmas. But, as we grow our perceptions change and so do the reason we say and do specific things…here’s my reason why I actually InJOY saying Happy Holidays now.

It’s the holiday season for many different faiths, not just Christianity or Judaism.  I don’t say happy holidays to be secular I say it to include everyone for a Greater Consciousness and good tidings for the season and the new year – for EVERYONE, NO exclusions, NO judgments.  There are many different religions and cultures who have chosen this time of year to celebrate with family and friends.  It’s not up to me to force my beliefs or cultures on ANYONE as I would not want the same thing done towards me. (Hey, BTW, isn’t that one of the basis of many of religions?) It used to be that I didn’t want to please everyone because after all Christmas, Tis the Season!  But, wait just a minute, here’s another thought…

During the holiday season we share this earth with each other and it truly is the “reason for the season”. NO ONE OWNS this time of year – if anyone does it’s Mother Earth and God (whoever you choose to call him/her) for she nurtures us and is kind enough to let us know through the seasons what, where and when to celebrate our traditions.  When I think about it now, why I would insist on saying Merry Christmas I think about how rude and egotistical of me to think it’s only about what I believe in when there are 7 billion people on this earth celebrating this time of year in different ways!

So here you go…blessings, good tidings and a magical holiday season to WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IN!  Take the time to celebrate YOU.  YOU are light and therefor love and because of this we share this great earth together with the seasons, animals, plants and of course, with each other. We are blessed to be united in ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, ONE BREATH and ONE LIGHT.  It’s certainly a beautiful time of the year to envelope all religious beliefs for the good of humanity.

From my family to yours Happy Holidays and…

InJOY your HOLIDAY SEASON because the LIGHT surrounds you where ever you are and there is NO separation of time or space only in your mind.

So, what’s your reason?

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